Merida MX Series #3… The Mayapán Ruins And Mayan Culture

Mayapán ruins

Getting There…

There are guided tours that can take you to the Mayapán archeological zone or you can rent a car and drive to the site. Just make sure that you download the google map as GPS is a bit erratic. Also, remember to search for the Mayapan archaeological zone, as there is also a town by the same name. (Something I realized when the GPS kept telling me to go a different direction from the signage). Once you are there, you pretty much have the freedom to walk the entire area for as long as you like. You can climb several of the temples although some are steep and high but at your own risk. To my surprise, there were several men and women that climbed some of the highest temples. At my age, I try not to do anything that may set me back (or hurt my achy back). Just walking the entire area in the middle of the day in the scorching heat was enough of a risk, although well worth it. It saddened me to see what was left of this civilization and to know of their enslavement. Mayan cities that were near the water were completely dismantled by the Spaniards, which is how Merida came to be.

Mayan Civilization

The ruins, while stunning to see, do not provide a great deal of information on how this civilization once thrived. For that, you need to go to the Museum of Mayan World near Merida which offers a wealth of knowledge and artifacts on how this society flourished and how its people and culture have evolved over the centuries. The Mayans were an ancient civilization ahead of its time with a strong social and political structure that allowed them to create their own systems in math, writing, astronomy, geology and engineering.

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